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Can I make payments to Capital Management Services online?

Yes. Consumers can make payments online 24 hours a day. Simply login to your account and make a payment.

Can I use a credit card to make a payment online?

Some accounts accept payment by credit card. Others do not. It depends on who your debt is owed to. To find out if credit cards are accepted on your account, simply login and click on "Make a Payment".

How do I know what my username/password is?

You will set up a username and password the first time you register with our website. We will simply ask you for some basic information to verify who you are. Once you have registered, you can login and view your account information anytime.

Can I see my account balance?

Yes. You can view your complete account information including balance and payment history when you login.

Does Capital Management Services report to the credit bureaus?

Capital Management Services is not a credit reporting agency. All credit report updates are handled by the Owner of the account.

Is Capital Management Services a legitimate company?

Yes, Capital Management Services (CMS) is a legitimate company. We are licensed nationwide to collect debts from consumers on behalf of our creditor clients. Our goal is to consistently provide the highest quality of compliant recovery and call center solutions for our respected partners across the country.

What is the Capital Management Services privacy policy?

Find the CMS Privacy Policy here. For questions or comments regarding privacy or the manner in which your account was handled, please email us.